About Us

Graham is an accredited landlord in the National Landlords Association as well as a graduate of the Mastermind Programme run by Simon Zutshi. His other business interests include the Journey Skills project, which focuses on providing resources and ideas which will help young people with additional needs lead more independent lives.

For Graham his why is key? For him it is the fact his daughter has additional needs and some time ago he realised she may never be able to earn a high income and have the freedom to choose her own future that a secure income brings.  For her to have everything he wanted her to have meant he would have to substantially increase his net worth, even though at that time his wife and him could have looked forward to a very comfortable retirement.  He decided they needed to look for a way to ensure they left behind enough for her to live the life she deserves. That meant setting up a limited company, Red Giraffe Property.  Why that name?  Red because red is his daughter’s favourite colour.  Giraffe because giraffes are her favourite animal.

Debra is also passionate about their Journey Skills project, which came about as they realised the options for their daughter when she reached 18 and left full-time education were not obvious. The aim of Journey Skills is to share stories and share solutions that have worked for others. She hosts the bi-monthly Journey Skills Podcast interviewing people from across the world who are making a real difference in the lives of young people with additional needs.