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Why Red Giraffe Exists?

Red Giraffe was named by our daughter. Her favourite colour is red. She is passionate about giraffes. Combine the two together and you get Red Giraffe.

As parents, when our daughter was born with additional needs, we quickly learnt about the challenges she would face in her life. But like every parent we were determined that one day she would live as independently as was right for her. This meant her learning all the daily livings skills that support independent living, having a purpose to her day and enjoying meaningful relationships. In short, all we want is for her to be safe, secure, and live a rewarding and fulfilling life.

It also meant that we had to plan ahead so she would also have the financial security to achieve all these things and more. She may never be in the position to choose her own future that a secure income brings. This is the main reason we do what we do at Red Giraffe Property to build a financial fortress for her future.

Graham Caldow is an NRLA Accredited landlord as well as a graduate of the Mastermind Programme run by Simon Zutshi. His other business interests include the Red Giraffe Solutions project, which focuses on providing resources and ideas which will help parents of children with additional needs build a better future for their children .

Debra Caldow is an NRLA Accredited landlord as well as hosting the Expanding Worlds podcast where she shares stories and solutions that have worked for others. She interviews people from across the world who are making a real difference in the lives of young people with additional needs.